Run Group: Seconds add up to minutes add up to . . .

TGIOYM Runners:I hope everyone is having a great week. Did you see the new study they just released? Scientists have determined that for every mile you run you add 7 hours to your life! Now that is not just because running a mile (or two or ten) can FEEL like it takes 7 hours but rather a true extra 7 hours! This was published in that bastion of scientific research – the Daily Mail.

Even better they found it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go or how far you run – you just need to get out there! Tomorrow we’ll have routes ranging from 4 miles up to 10-12 miles. I’m for sure showing up tomorrow because every extra 7 hours I can get with Tim is like a little slice of heaven.

How will you spend your time?

– Allison

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