Run Group: Run to Ground

TGIOYM Runners:

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having.  It’s almost like Mother Nature is gearing up with her own celebration for Earth Day tomorrow.   That’s right, April 22nd is international Earth Day which is now celebrated in over 200 countries around the world (how many countries are there anyway?)  I’ve read that it is celebrated with festivals, rallies and outdoor events often with the support of “A-list celebrities and political leaders”.    I think our very own Boston Marathoner Larry is pretty A-list in my book and Maria runs the Community Center Alliance so I think that counts as a political leader.  Which means we are a virtual celebration!

Earth Day encourages people to be environmentally friendly and what could be more friendly than caressing the earth over and over with your feet?  You can do it for 4 miles up to 12 miles if you want.   I think joining us for a run tomorrow morning is the epitome of celebration so who will get earthy with me?


–            Allison

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