Run Group: Here comes the SUN

TGIOYM Runners:

Just sitting at my desk on a Friday afternoon thinking of all of you and humming this little tune:

Here comes the Run

Here comes the Run, and I say
It’s all right

Little darlings, it’s been a long cold rainy winter
Little darlings, it feels like years since I’ve run when its dry
Here comes the run
Here comes the run, and I say
It’s all right

Little darlings, the smiles returning to their faces
Little darlings, its time to head out to those hills!

Tomorrow we’ll head out into the hills with the sun smiling on our faces for anywhere from 6-12 miles.  We’ll celebrate Joan’s BIRTHDAY along the way!   Who will be a little darling?

–         Allison & Tim

P.S.   Don’t forget to check out Veronique’s challenge to walk/run a total of 8000 km around the world in 2017 to raise funds for the MMRF (of which her husband suffers). If you are already planning to race this year PLEASE join them. If you were looking for a motivation to complete a race: Now you have one 😉 All you have to do is let her know and spread the word. You’ll find all the details on her webpage

P.P.S.  If you are receiving these emails and would prefer not to (or think I’m insane), just drop me a line and I’ll remove you from the distribution list.


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