Run Group: Don’t Piss Me Off!

TGIOYM Runners:

I hope everyone has had a great week in this glorious weather even though it is sadly now dark again in the mornings.   That is definitely one thing that could piss off a runner – Daylight Savings Time.   What else might piss off a runner?   Well from an article I saw this week:

Tripping them

Delaying their post run meal (you know who you are Mercedes)

Calling them the J word

Delaying their run (can anyone say Tim?)

Pointing out when they are injured and can’t run (Me?)

The worst thing you can do to piss off a runner is not show up!   So who will avoid pissing Tim off tomorrow morning?

–            Allison

P.S.  if you are interested in the Pathways run if you sign up before March 31 and use the code “earlybird” you can get a 10% discount



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