Run Group: Don’t be a Hack

TGIOYM Runners!

Who is enjoying the sun this week??   I sure am (as long as I wear a jacket!)  Tomorrow shows some rain in the forecast but definitely not in the morning.  I know you’ve all heard of life hacks and computer hacks but have you heard of running hacks?   I recently saw an article with several.   They included such awesome advice as sleep in your running clothes to save time in the morning (Tim that might help as long as you include the shoes . . . )   When traveling jump in the shower fully dressed after your run to wash off your running clothes so you don’t have to pack as many, and my favorite – if you’re getting a blister or hot spot mid-run use the wrapper from an energy gel to act as a buffer.   I presume they mean once it is empty! woman-1562560_1920

My favorite OYM running hacks are planning a route to visit as many of the water fountains Vera has shown me as possible and including small extras like Serge’s trail or the Pinewood path to add mileage without realizing it.  Magali has agreed to lead a 10-12 miler tomorrow with short cuts for those who want them.  Who will share their favorite hacks with the group and share the run with Magali tomorrow?

–            Allison

P.S.   Check out this great article that proves runners live longer featuring Kim Wilford’s Dad who was a member of the original breakfast club!   He’s still going strong.


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