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Run Group: Andale Andale

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: What did all of you do this weekend? Magali and Mercedes went all the way to Mexico to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon – way to go ladies! Which means we really have no excuse not to simply drive down town to go for a run. So what are […]

Run Group: Don’t Piss Me Off!

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone has had a great week in this glorious weather even though it is sadly now dark again in the mornings.   That is definitely one thing that could piss off a runner – Daylight Savings Time.   What else might piss off a runner?   Well from an article I saw this week: […]

Run Group: Lions and Lambs

TGIOYM Runners: Happy March!   How can it be that it is already the month of March?    The first two months have gone by in a blur.   They say that March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb but I have to say the last week has been pretty lamb-like and I’ve […]

Run Group: Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down . . .

TGIOYM Runners: Today I’ve got that Carpenter’s tune running through my head but the good news is that tomorrow is neither Monday nor RAINING! I checked the hourly weather and 7 a.m. should be smooth sailing. Tim will lead the charge trying to avoid the puddles and finding routes of various distances for everyone to […]

Run Group: Don’t Vera off the chosen path

Happy Rainy Sunday OYM Runners: I almost forgot you tonight! But thanks to the wonderful Vera for reminding me to remind you – the run is ON tomorrow. Whether you marched yesterday to get ready for the run or missed the March and need to make it up with a run, we have a run […]

Run Group: Can’t Trump That!

TGI Inauguration Day OYM Runners: No matter what side of the aisle you reside on (or somewhere in the middle) you can’t deny that today is a historic day.   It could be historically good, historically bad or just historically historic.  Did you know that while Trump is the 45th US President his speech today was only […]

Rain Rain Go or Stay?

TGIOYM Runners: What is this stuff falling from the sky?   It has been such a long time that I’m no longer familiar with it.   I’m thrilled that it is raining since the plants and the people need the water but I’m dismayed that it might interfere with our plans!  The good news is that according […]

Run Group: Running Scared

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone has had a great week.   Unbelievably tomorrow is the first day of October!   I’m not sure how that is possible but it means that it is time to celebrate all things Halloween.    The other morning we ran by a store that already had a Christmas tree in the window!   That […]

Autumnal Autumnal Autumnal

TGIOYM Runners: Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox.   I had no idea that there was actually the word “Autumnal”.   Turns out it is very hard to type but try saying that three times fast!  Anyone know what the word “equinox” means?   No, it’s not an expensive gym!   It means “equal night” referring to the only two […]

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