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2nd Friday Fitness: Busy Parents Go Outside and Play!

Since we’ve had kids, my weeks have “evolved” into a schedule that resides somewhere between warp factor 97 and moving faster than a certain “hunk of junk” in the Kessel Run. Needless to say, this makes fitting in fitness a little more challenging. Between trying to keep my son from single handedly attempting to rewrite […]

2nd Friday Fitness: 3 Keys to Running Uphill Better

The second Friday of the month is here again and that means more running specific core strength info from INTEGRATE Performance Fitness. It also means by the time you read this, hopefully you went to farmer’s market downtown yesterday for some amazing spring time treats to fuel your next run! Running uphill is one of […]

Runners: Are You Doing These 3 Exercises?

Runners, did you know you are engaging in a repetitive stress activity that only takes place in one plane of motion? Do you also know that it can lead to losses of joint mobility as well reduced glute function, or the muscles that keep your low back happy and knees injury free? More times than […]

Are You Doing These 3 Exercises?

The last time we met, we talked about a great exercise that hits every muscle in the body feet to fingers that can strengthen the way we walk, skip or run. It helps our fundamental movement patterns improve, and that’s always a good thing. Click here to see what it is if you missed it […]

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