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Rain Rain Go or Stay?

TGIOYM Runners: What is this stuff falling from the sky?   It has been such a long time that I’m no longer familiar with it.   I’m thrilled that it is raining since the plants and the people need the water but I’m dismayed that it might interfere with our plans!  The good news is that according […]

Run Group: Running Scared

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone has had a great week.   Unbelievably tomorrow is the first day of October!   I’m not sure how that is possible but it means that it is time to celebrate all things Halloween.    The other morning we ran by a store that already had a Christmas tree in the window!   That […]

Autumnal Autumnal Autumnal

TGIOYM Runners: Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox.   I had no idea that there was actually the word “Autumnal”.   Turns out it is very hard to type but try saying that three times fast!  Anyone know what the word “equinox” means?   No, it’s not an expensive gym!   It means “equal night” referring to the only two […]


TGIOYM Runners: Hope everyone has had a great week.   Mine has been made awesome by so many OYM runners.   As you may have heard, we are planning a run on Sunday October 16th at 9 a.m. at the store (scroll down for all the details!)   It benefits the non-profit in honor of my brother in law […]

2nd Friday Fitness: Busy Parents Go Outside and Play!

Since we’ve had kids, my weeks have “evolved” into a schedule that resides somewhere between warp factor 97 and moving faster than a certain “hunk of junk” in the Kessel Run. Needless to say, this makes fitting in fitness a little more challenging. Between trying to keep my son from single handedly attempting to rewrite […]

Share the Luck and Wed/Thursday runs

Yes, Wed am run and Track Thursday are on.  Please note – we will likely move Track Thursday to 6:30pm (further details to come) going forward. -Tim For those of you who participated in Share the Luck Congratulations on making your miles count for more in March! Time to add up all your miles! Your […]

Are YOU the most interesting Man in the World?

TGIOYM Runners! NEWS FLASH!   The Most Interesting Man in the World is retiring from the DosXX ads!!!   He is now in his 70’s and apparently has some more interesting things to do like going to live on Mars.   So now is your golden opportunity.   YOU can apply to be the  most interesting man or possibly […]

Share the Luck in March with Team OYM Run Club

Update April 1, 2016 Time to count up your March miles for Share the Luck! Congratulations on making your miles count for more in March! Time to add up all your miles! Your next step is to come into On Your Mark to make your donation to Second Harvest Food Bank and enter the raffle. […]

Are YOU ready for your close-up?

TGIOYM Runners! What is the hottest news right now?   Who will win the primaries?   Will Apple be forced to unlock the iphone?   Who will be the next Supreme Court Justice?   NO silly – it’s the Oscars!   Sunday night they are rolling out the red carpet for strappy dresses, high heels and plunging necklines.   And that’s […]

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