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Brands We Love, Doing What We Love

At On Your Mark, we carry numerous brands that are all striving for environmental and social responsibility in their own ways. There are four brands in particular that I thought should be highlighted. Not only are their efforts commendable, but they are transparent about their practices in doing so. Here are some of the awesome things […]

Your Shoe’s Carbon Footprint

As runners, it is easy to think that our environmental impact is very minimal because all we do is run! However, if we run in a shoe that is not right for us, not only are we at a higher risk for injury, but we are also increasing the likelihood of discarding that shoe before […]

What is Wrong With Your Clothes

The phrase “fast fashion” is used to describe the current movement of cheap clothing transitioning quickly through retail stores as a response to the latest trends [1]. There used to be only two season of clothing: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Now, the fashion world is moving quickly towards 52 “micro-seasons” with new trends coming out constantly, […]

Consumer Power

As consumers, we have immense buying power. The concept of “voting with your dollars” is the idea that when we purchase something, our money supports this product and its further production. In this way, we can convey if we agree with the ethical or environmental aspects of a product [1]. Ideally, this would persuade companies to […]

Life Cycle Analysis of a Running T-Shirt

Hey this is Wendy! This is the first post in my series of blog posts for my environmental internship at OYM! ~~ When you look at a simple running t-shirt, it is hard to imagine the extensive effects it might have had on the environment just to get to your closet. However, clothing is a […]

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