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Run Group: Climatize Yourself

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m still in DC where it is supposed to be 90 DEGREES tomorrow!!! And ironically there is a national Climate Change March scheduled for tomorrow. Coincidence? I think not! But any climate is fine to run in especially when you head out at 7 a.m. […]

Run Group: Sun Day Running

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Great turn out yesterday and welcome to our new runners.  Those of you who are still stalking this list should come on out and give us a try!  Tomorrow is a very exciting day – a day to come, run, have fun and leave it all behind.   Leave WHAT behind you […]

Run Group: Run to Ground

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having.  It’s almost like Mother Nature is gearing up with her own celebration for Earth Day tomorrow.   That’s right, April 22nd is international Earth Day which is now celebrated in over 200 countries around the world (how many countries are there anyway?)  I’ve read […]

Run Group: Seconds add up to minutes add up to . . .

TGIOYM Runners:I hope everyone is having a great week. Did you see the new study they just released? Scientists have determined that for every mile you run you add 7 hours to your life! Now that is not just because running a mile (or two or ten) can FEEL like it takes 7 hours but […]

Run Group: Motivation Monday

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great weekend. One of the hardest parts of running is motivating yourself to get up and get out there. Motivation is a tricky thing. I often see motivational quotes that resonate with me and give me encouragement. Here are a few for you to consider: […]

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