Monthly Archives: February 2017

Run Group: Come Hell or High Water

Happy Sunny Sunday OYM Runners: Tomorrow morning you have a chance to swing for the FENCES and run by MOONLIGHT. Make sure your ARRIVAL is on time and stand under a light so that there are no HIDDEN FIGURES. No sleeping in LA LA LAND. You must get up like a LION. Erin will lead […]

Run Group: Don’t be a Hack

TGIOYM Runners! Who is enjoying the sun this week??   I sure am (as long as I wear a jacket!)  Tomorrow shows some rain in the forecast but definitely not in the morning.  I know you’ve all heard of life hacks and computer hacks but have you heard of running hacks?   I recently saw an article […]

Run Group: Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down . . .

TGIOYM Runners: Today I’ve got that Carpenter’s tune running through my head but the good news is that tomorrow is neither Monday nor RAINING! I checked the hourly weather and 7 a.m. should be smooth sailing. Tim will lead the charge trying to avoid the puddles and finding routes of various distances for everyone to […]

Run Group: Here comes the SUN

TGIOYM Runners: Just sitting at my desk on a Friday afternoon thinking of all of you and humming this little tune: Here comes the Run Here comes the Run, and I say It’s all right Little darlings, it’s been a long cold rainy winter Little darlings, it feels like years since I’ve run when its […]

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