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Run Group: What’s in a Word

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve OYM Runners: I hope everyone is getting some time for relaxation and rejuvenation over this post-Christmas Pre-New Year’s week! There is lots of talk this time of year about resolutions both personal and running related but I saw one social media post that really got me thinking. It asked for […]

Run Group: Snooze and Don’t Lose!

Hello OYM Runners: How is everyone doing in this post-holiday haze? Are you still in an eggnog fog? Do you have to work this week or are you on vacation? If you are in town we have the cure for whatever may ail you whether it be too much egg nog, chocolate, work or “I […]

Run Group: Little Ole’ St. Tim

TGI Christmas Eve Eve OYM Runners! Christmas may be coming but some things never change.  There WILL be a run tomorrow morning so join up with Little Ole St. Timothy who will lead the way for the sleigh along the hills of Los Altos.   Dress in red, green or blue and get ready for a […]

Run Group: Solstice Me Baby!

Happy Almost Hump Day OYM Runners: Well tomorrow is THE MOST EXCITING day of the year. Why you ask? Well thank you for asking! Tomorrow marks the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year. OK I know that every day has 24 hours but tomorrow has the fewest hours and minutes of […]

Run Group: Presents and wrapping and mergers, OH MY!

TGIOYM Runners! I hope everyone has had the most awesomest of weeks.    Things in my life are full on Christmas frenzy with no ornaments on the tree, no decorations in the house, not a single gift wrapped let alone mailed to those far and wide, no Christmas cards mailed or even arrived from Shutterfly (just […]

Run Group: De-Stress Your Day

TGIOYM Runners: Tomorrow Laura has agreed to lead the pack while Tim and I are off at the Summit Rock Run (Ok he’s running the crazy uphill half and I’m trying to merely walk the 5K but . . . .) The holidays can be oh, so stressful but running is proven to de-stress your […]

Run Group: A Reason to ParTAY!

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready for Christmas (if you celebrate it) which is only – GASP – 23 days away!   Remember there are lots of great gifts to be had at our very own On Your Mark store and if you joined the club you even get […]

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