Monthly Archives: August 2016

Run Group: Birthday Bonanza

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Awesome turnout yesterday for our Forrest Gump run. We all shared the joy and had a great time. Little did I know the whole time I was running 7.25 miles with Magali that it was her birthday and she didn’t even let on! Also on Wednesday it is the lovely Peggy’s […]

Run Group: Run Forrest Run

TGIOYM Runners! I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying this nice summer weather.   Tomorrow we will run simply for the joy of running.  OK maybe there is more joy when it is over than during the run (especially up the hills) but there will be JOY!   We have routes ranging from 5-12 […]

Run Group: Last Chance

TGIOYM Runners: I hope you all have survived the week.  Well the 2016 Rio Olympics are coming to an end tonight.   Have they inspired all of you to become better athletes?  To go for the GOLD?    I’m not a huge fan of watching sports on TV (other than American Ninja Warrior) but I love watching […]

Run Group: Endless Summer

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: It is with a heavy heart that I send this email to let you know that summer is over and school starts this week. How can that be? Didn’t summer just start? How can we hang on to the last vestiges of summer joy? We can continue our morning runs in […]

Run Group: I LOVE Tim

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great weekend. When I sent the email for Saturday’s run apparently some of you did not get it. One of those people was our very own run group leader Tim. He has accused me of intentionally leaving him off because I no longer care for […]

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