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Run Group: There’s a first for everything!

Happy Sunday OYM Runners! A huge congratulations to Madeleine who finished her FIRST EVER Half marathon today in San Francisco.   I hope you know Team OYM takes full credit for your success!   An equally enormous congratulations to all of our runners.   Tim, Jill, Luis, Megan, Suma, Sandeep and even their daughters ran the Marathon and […]

Run Group: We Run SF

TGIFOYM Runners: Another day, another dollar, another week, another month!   Here we are already at the end of July and ready for the last Saturday run of the month.  First a big shout out to the pack of OYM Runners who are running the San Francisco Marathon, front-half of the Half Marathon, and back-half of […]

Run Group: California Dreamin’

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather. I know that some folks think it is getting a tad too warm/humid to run but we don’t know how lucky we are. My friend lives in Cincinnati and it is 93 degrees (but the weather report says it feels like 102!) […]

Run Group: Running Vacation

TGIOYM Runners: I can’t believe yet another week has come to an end. Has anyone noticed of late that a lot of people seem to be on vacation? There is less traffic on the road, you can get a parking space downtown, you can even get into any restaurant without a reservation (OK well maybe […]

Run Group: Pokerun

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The Olivia’s Miles run went very well this morning and thanks to all who participated. If you missed it and still want to make a donation just let Renee know. (You can donate the the Olivia’s Miles Champions for Children page also.) Tomorrow […]

Run Group: Summer Runnin’

TGIOYM Runners: Summer is clearly here, the weather is fine and the running is awesome. Makes you want to break into song: Summer running had me a blast, oh yeah Summer running happened so fast, I met a runner crazy like me, Met a runner cute as can be, Summer days drifting away, To, uh […]

Run Group: Wednesday and Thursday Group Runs are on!

Hi all – hope you all had a great 4th!  We are back in town and that means I’ll be at Wed am run and there will be Track Thursday today.  Hope to see you at one or both!!!! -Tim Join us for Olivia’s Miles 5k Run/Walk July 17, 2016 at 9:00 am.  Register here! […]

Run Group:Lions and Leopards and Cheetahs OH MY!!

Hello OYM Runners! I’ve been having an amazing African vacation but I miss you all.   And I’m sending this early because I’m about to be on planes, trains and automobiles for the next 30+ hours (OK so no trains but you get the idea).  It takes 9 hours from Cape Town to Dubai, 2 […]

2nd Friday Fitness: Busy Parents Go Outside and Play!

Since we’ve had kids, my weeks have “evolved” into a schedule that resides somewhere between warp factor 97 and moving faster than a certain “hunk of junk” in the Kessel Run. Needless to say, this makes fitting in fitness a little more challenging. Between trying to keep my son from single handedly attempting to rewrite […]

Run Group: 4th of July Monday Run – 7 AM

Hello Runners! If you’re looking for a 4-5 mile Independence Day run, look no further! I’ll be behind OYM @ 7 AM tomorrow for anyone who would like to start off your 4th of July with a good calorie burner. No need to run fast, just run. So who will join me?? Bring your red, […]

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