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Run Group: Saturday am run!!!

Hi all – it is suppose to be a great weekend!  So what better way than to start it off with a great run!!!  Who is with me to start at 7am at OYM for an awesome run!  I’ll map out a great route with many options. Hope to see you there!!!! -Tim   Team […]

Run Group: Run like a Pagan

Happy Father’s Day OYM Runners: Today may be a great day to honor the father’s of the world but tomorrow is truly spectacular. Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice (at exactly 6:34 p.m. EST) which is when the sun actually stops circling the Earth at its northern most point, waits a moment in the Tropic of […]

Run Group: Run for the Dads

TGIFOYM Runners! I hope everyone is having a great week.    Whether you are a father, you have a father, you or married to a father or you want to be a father this run is for you!    Tomorrow we will take to the streets in honor of those guys who make our lives wonderful, fun, […]

Run Group: It’s Your Lucky Day

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Fingers and fins crossed for a Sharks win tonight!   But either way tomorrow we run.   Friday the 13th is an unlucky day so by complex Newtonian theory Monday the 13th has to be lucky!   And in fact it is.   You are in luck tomorrow because the famous Ms. Erin Storm will be leading […]

Run Group: What a beautiful day for a run!

TGIFOYM Runners: I hope that everyone has had a great week.   Tomorrow is a beautiful day for a run.   It’s too hot for a run.   It’s too cold.   This run is awesome.  This run sucks.   How far do I have to go?   That’s all?   That’s FAR!  We all know that many different thoughts, often conflicting, […]

2nd Friday Fitness: 3 Keys to Running Uphill Better

The second Friday of the month is here again and that means more running specific core strength info from INTEGRATE Performance Fitness. It also means by the time you read this, hopefully you went to farmer’s market downtown yesterday for some amazing spring time treats to fuel your next run! Running uphill is one of […]

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