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May Day, May Day, this run is goin’ DOWN!

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great week!   First a shout out to Larry, Suma and Sandeep (and maybe Frank?) for running the Big Sur Marathon – way to go guys!    Sorry if I missed anyone else who ran it.   Also congratulations to our Sara for an amazing track season at Whitworth College […]

Prince of the Earth

TGIOYM Runners! Happy Earth Day. Mother Earth is definitely letting us know that she is in charge today but we should still celebrate the earth tomorrow by caressing it with our feet over and over and over again. Also we must celebrate the life of the artist formerly known as, and again known as, Prince. Tomorrow morning the […]

Track Thursday

Hi all – just a reminder that we will be at Los Altos High School for Track on Thursday. To get you in the right mindset – check out this relay – you must turn the volume on!  ‘From the depths of hell’: Epic commentary to Athletics finale. -Tim Team OYM meets on Mondays and […]

Boston or Bust

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Awesome turnout yesterday and incredible weather.  The warmth will continue with a balmy 57 degrees tomorrow morning.   You know what else happens tomorrow?   The BOSTON MARATHON!   So tomorrow morning we will Run for BOSTON and even though we won’t be actually running 26.2 miles we will be running in spirit with […]


TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great week. So what do 73, 60 and 4-3 have in common? They are all great sporting results. 73 games won in the season for the Warriors. 60 points scored in Kobe’s final game. And most importantly – the Sharks trashed the Kings 4-3 last night! With all […]

Running Permeates

TGIOYM Runners! Did you ever think about how often the concept of running enters our everyday life?    You can be in the running, up and running, running on empty, off and running.   At work you can be running the show or running in circles.   You can give someone the run around.  The kids can run […]

Are You Doing These 3 Exercises?

The last time we met, we talked about a great exercise that hits every muscle in the body feet to fingers that can strengthen the way we walk, skip or run. It helps our fundamental movement patterns improve, and that’s always a good thing. Click here to see what it is if you missed it […]

Share the Luck and Wed/Thursday runs

Yes, Wed am run and Track Thursday are on.  Please note – we will likely move Track Thursday to 6:30pm (further details to come) going forward. -Tim For those of you who participated in Share the Luck Congratulations on making your miles count for more in March! Time to add up all your miles! Your […]

Rock It

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Today Magali got a PR in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half. Congratulations! Followed closely by Mercedes and Terese. Ylmia and I crossed just about together. In honor of this accomplishment we will run tomorrow too! A shortish route for some of us and a regular run for the rest of you. […]

Sat am run and the SF Rock and Roll half marathon

First, we are running this Sat at 7am.  Be there!  We have a great run planned for you!!!  Many options – short, long, super long. Second, this weekend many of our OYM runners will be running the Rock & Roll Half marathon!  Good Luck to all of you great runners! Here are some things not to do […]

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