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Wednesday, Thursday, and Wharf to Wharf

Hi all – Wed am run and track Thursday are on!!!  Be there! Also – Wharf to Wharf registration opens at 10 a.m. on Friday and likely fills up in minutes.  Who wants to run this great race???! -Tim   Team OYM meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 am for a 4-5 mile run and on […]

Hop to it!!

Happy Easter OYM Runners and Happy Gorgeous Sunday to those who don’t celebrate Easter: Did you know that in the US every year 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced? In addition there are 750 million peeps and 81% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids’ Easter baskets! There are enough jelly beans sold […]

Time to Celebrate

TGIOYM Runners: Did you know that tomorrow is National Run with a Group Day?   Truly it is!   Well actually March 26th is make your own holiday (for real).   So I decided to make it National Run with a Group Day.   There shall be no excuses not to join tomorrow for one of the best holiday celebrations […]

A Spring in your step

Happy Spring OYM Runners: Today is officially the first day of Spring. While we still need headlamps during our weekday runs, the light is coming earlier every day. The weather is gorgeous and there is no excuse not to get out there and run! We had a great turn out yesterday so let’s keep it […]


TGIOYM Runners! Well allergies seem to be in full swing all of a sudden with this new warm weather and I know a lot of folks are sneezing their way through the day.   I read somewhere that the best way to avoid allergies is to lock yourself inside.    That seemed like a terrible idea to […]

Wed am run, Track Thursday and the Pathway’s discount

Hi – hope you are having a great week!!! Wed am run is on! 6am be at OYM. We will have track on Thursday! Foothills College, 6am! Also, Allison sent me the following: “I got an email about the Pathways and a $10 discount if you Sign up before March 31st and enter promo code […]

Piece of Cake

Happy Rainy Sunday OYM Runners! Good thing we got in our long run yesterday before the rain started again! Good news though, tomorrow morning there is no rain forecast. So come join me to celebrate National Pi Day. That’s right. It’s an official day to celebrate Pi because tomorrow is 3.1416! Did you know that […]

Are YOU the most interesting Man in the World?

TGIOYM Runners! NEWS FLASH!   The Most Interesting Man in the World is retiring from the DosXX ads!!!   He is now in his 70’s and apparently has some more interesting things to do like going to live on Mars.   So now is your golden opportunity.   YOU can apply to be the  most interesting man or possibly […]

Runners: Do This Exercise, Run Better

What if there was an exercise that could help you get better at running without actually having to do it? Not only does it use the muscles that stabilize the body while running, but it can go a long way to building a rock solid core and improved hip stability. The best part is this […]

They All Made it out ALIVE

Happy Rainy Sunday OYM Runners: I’m happy to report that our fearless crew of Tim, Peggy, Mercedes, Suma, Sandeep and Frank all survived (and even thrived) at the Napa Marathon today. They lucked out and had sunshine most of the way but there were bouts of torrential rain. Hat’s off to all of our fabulous […]

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