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Once in a Million Years

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Great turn out yesterday and welcome to our new runners. Tomorrow there will be a rare opportunity to run on a Monday Leap Day. When will the next such opportunity be? Apparently no one knows! I tried to find out when the next Leap Monday is but Google did not know. […]

Share the Luck in March with Team OYM Run Club

Update April 1, 2016 Time to count up your March miles for Share the Luck! Congratulations on making your miles count for more in March! Time to add up all your miles! Your next step is to come into On Your Mark to make your donation to Second Harvest Food Bank and enter the raffle. […]

Are YOU ready for your close-up?

TGIOYM Runners! What is the hottest news right now?   Who will win the primaries?   Will Apple be forced to unlock the iphone?   Who will be the next Supreme Court Justice?   NO silly – it’s the Oscars!   Sunday night they are rolling out the red carpet for strappy dresses, high heels and plunging necklines.   And that’s […]

Easy as Pie

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Another great turnout yesterday with Tim and Mercedes going 21.5 miles! If they can run that far, a 4-5 mile morning run should be a piece of cake. So who will join me for a tasty run tomorrow morning? -Allison   Team OYM meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 am […]

Can you run around the Earth?

TGIOYM Runners: Well the weather has been quite odd this week.   Record warmth, lightning storms, pouring rain, balmy nights . . . but tomorrow morning will be a brisk and sunny 45 degrees so why not get out and run?   On February 20,1962 the Space Friendship 7 piloted by Marine Lieutenant John Glenn, was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. […]

What’s the deal with Model Updates?

Most shoes are updated on an annual basis. What does this mean? It could mean just an upper change. With advances in materials and 3D printing, uppers- the top portion of the shoe- use less stitching which can translate to a more comfortable, sleeker fit. Sometimes the changes are more significant and the shoe is overhauled with […]

Run for George and Abe

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I cannot tell a lie.   I won’t be able to join you tomorrow.  But four score and seven years ago Vera agreed to lead tomorrow’s run.   In honor of the presidents we will start at 7 a.m. as every great leader needs to sleep in every now and again.  In San […]

Run for Love/ Olympic Trials

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone has had a great week and enjoyed this gorgeous weather.   Valentines’ Day is supposed to mean a celebration of love but it seems these days it has become a celebration of chocolate.   So what better way to deal with an onslaught of chocolate than to go for a little pre-valentine’s […]

Wed am run and Track Thursday

Oh my, it is already Tuesday night!  Which means we must, must, must run Wed at 6am!  I plan to be there. Also, Track Thursday will be on this week.  Don’t be scared.  Just show up!  6am at Foothill College! -Tim Team OYM meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 am for a 4-5 mile […]

The Morning After

Happy Super Bowl Sunday OYM Runners: Well personally I’ve been very disappointed with the commercials thus far in the super bowl. But if you are sitting on the couch, drinking Bud Lite and eating that weird new Taco Bell thing then you need to get out and run tomorrow. Rain or Shine (OK it’s supposed […]

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