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All good things must come to an end

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I can’t believe November is already over! It is one of my favorite months (and not just because it is my birthday!) It is the only true month of Fall in the Bay Area and all the trees have been so gorgeous. Also it has Thanksgiving and a holiday feel but […]

Turkey and stuffing and pie…OH MY!

Happy Post-Turkey Day OYM Runners: Did you know the first Turkey Trot was in Buffalo New York held in 1896 with just 6 runners? Think of that compared to yesterday’s chilly Silicon Valley trot with 28,000 runners – said to be the largest in the world! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with […]

Wednesday am morning run

Congratulations again to Luis for a great half marathon! The best way to run that fast time is to train! So who wants to join me for a training run Wed am! Hope to see you there. For all those recent half marathon runners – at least you did not make a wrong turn and […]

Run From Your Kids

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: Great turn out yesterday – thanks to everyone for coming.   Still eagerly awaiting a report from Luis on the Berkeley Half Marathon.  I hope everyone is enjoying this AWESOME weather we are having because it is about to get cold.  Now my friends on the East Coast make fun of me, […]

Don’t Be a Turkey!

TGIFOYM Runners: Did you know that turkeys are among the dumbest animals on the planet?   If you leave a bucket in the turkey run they will climb in, one on top of the other, until the ones on the bottom suffocate.   If you leave turkeys out in the rain, they may look up to watch […]

Wed am run – One big Event and One small milestone!

Hello all – are you ready to run on Wed.  You should be as there are two awesome things occurring: 1.  Ms. Allison turns 39 on Wed!!!!!  Happy Birthday.  Maybe, she will join us so that we can say Happy Birthday!!!! 2.  If I run today at least 1 mile, then Wed am will mark […]

Monday Run Day

Happy Sunday OYM Runners! I’m sitting at the Orange County Airport (aka John Wayne) returning from a weekend of Disney Avengers themed running with Mercedes, Erin, Tim and Jill. A great time was had by all. Not sure if I’ll make it tomorrow after 19.3 but you guys should all still go! So who will […]

Run Forrest Run

Ok – while not really a large forrest – we will run through Packard Trial for a 6 miler and Packard Trail + Esther Clark for a 9 miler. There are ways to stretch to 10 if you’d like. Whose in starting at 7am at OYM? Here are the proposed routes: Check out this map […]

Wed am Run!!

Hi all – are you ready for your Wed am run?  The weather is suppose to be great (meaning there should not be rain, but it might be cold – but who cares about a little cold).  Let’s plan to run!  You don’t need a light, so there is no excuse. -Tim   Team OYM […]

Another Day Another Run

Happy Sunday Eve OYM Runners: Today was a day of runs. Renee and I ran the Big Sur Half – I know some other folks ran too but my brain is a little foggy- give a shout out if you ran. Megan ran the Golden Gate Half (OK I know it is called something else) […]

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