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Peggy Sue want to Run with you

Greeting OYM Runners: Coming to you from 10,000 feet on my way to Washington DC. Great turn out yesterday with runs for everyone from 6-10+ miles. A special thanks to Kim for sticking it out with me as we slogged our way through. Also congrats to Monika for the great run performance this weekend! Since […]

Running is GOLDEN

TGIOYM Runners: I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Next week is GOLDEN week in China and all my colleagues and clients who work there get the entire week off.   Not that I’m jealous or anything . . . . .   Since we don’t get next week off, we […]

Your feet are moving so you’re FLYING

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Great turn out yesterday and I’m excited that we got a few of you newbies there too! Yesterday Laura told me that she has Meghan Trainor’s song “Lips are Movin’” stuck in her head when she runs and now I have it too! […]

We ARE Runners

TGIOYM Runners:  Recently several new runners have joined the group and others are new to the email list but have yet to come for a run.   I’ve received many emails with folks wondering whether or not they should join us.   People often think they can’t consider themselves runners if they don’t run fast/far/often enough.  Take […]

Wednesday Run- Run like Hyde

Hi all – are you ready for your Wed am run!  Let’s meet at OYM at 6am.  And, we need to run like Hyde* – if you don’t know what that means, then that means you should have watched MNF last night.  Go 49ers! -Tim *That means, you have to do a spin move. Team […]

Miracle Mile

Happy Sunday OYM Runners: They held the 5th Avenue Mile this morning in New York along Central Park. Some of those folks clocked in at 4:20!!!! Since I’m here NOT running the Miracle Mile, Erin is going to lead the charge tomorrow. She promised me she won’t make you run 4 minute miles tomorrow so don’t […]

Have Stroller, Will Run!

Join us at 7:00 am on Saturday morning for a run through Los Altos Hills! Tim will be leading the way from behind his jogging stroller. Team OYM meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 am for a 4-5 mile run and on Saturdays at 7 am (and sometimes earlier!) for longer runs. Meet behind […]

Run for Labor

Happy Labor Day Weekend OYM Runners: Great group yesterday.   Thanks for everyone who turned up.  Those of you in the front need to pick up your pace because I’m pretty sure Lexi kicked your butts!    I promise next time we plan a run that has 5 miles before a water fountain I will let you […]

Run for Bacon

TGIFOYM Runners: I hope everyone is excited about the three day weekend coming up.  Tomorrow we will meet at 7 a.m. to RUN FOR BACON!   What is that you say?   Well this weekend is the San Jose Bacon Festival so we will run in honor of this epic event.   Don’t like bacon? (What the heck is […]

Running Joke

Hi all – Thanks for the congratulations!  And, hope you had a great b-day, Peggy. Wed am run is on!  Be there at 6am for a great run! Here is something to maybe make you laugh (not from me – source: Q: How do crazy runners go through the forest? A: They take the psycho path. […]

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