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Wednesday Run- Let’s kick off July!

Who’s in for another fun run? What new trails can we find this time? Will we see more coyote pups, jack rabbits, deer or steller’s jays? Yup – we saw all that and some hills too on our Monday run. Who will join me? -Erin Team OYM meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 am for […]

Consumer Power

As consumers, we have immense buying power. The concept of “voting with your dollars” is the idea that when we purchase something, our money supports this product and its further production. In this way, we can convey if we agree with the ethical or environmental aspects of a product [1]. Ideally, this would persuade companies to […]

Summer Contest! What route will you take this summer?

It’s contest time! Whether you are traveling to far off lands or sticking close to home this summer, show us where your OYM gear is taking you! Send us a photo of your summer runs, hikes, walks, or adventures for a chance to win an OYM prize pack. Here’s how: Post your photo to our Facebook Page or tag On […]

Last Chance Run

Our fearless Monday Run leader and talented emailer is away this week, so I will attempt to rally the troops for a final Monday run in June.  Where did this month go? Actually, where has the first half of this year gone?! For many of us a good majority of that time has been spent […]

Run Father…I mean FARTHER

Happy Father’s Day OYM Runners: Whether you ARE a Father, have a father or are married to a father I hope that you have a wonderful day. Tomorrow in honor of all these fathers we will run FARTHER. Ok probably not, probably just our normal distance but it will be a great way to start […]

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

TGIOYM! I hope everyone has had a great week.  Sunday is the Summer Solstice which means it is the longest day of light for the year.   Every year it sort of depresses me because I feel like summer is just getting started and already the days are going to start getting shorter!   But that is […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Active Dad

With Father’s Day just two days away, you may be wondering what to get the active dad in your life. We have gift ideas to help you out. Saxx Underwear M2 glasses by Oakley yurbuds  OOFOS The Grid Mini by Trigger Point Performance Epic Bars Clothes from prAna        

Running for the New or Restarting Athlete: Gear

Hi everyone! My name is Elise and I’ll be writing a series for new and re-starting athletes on how to get back into running.   Congratulations! Whether as a New Year’s resolution, recent recovery from an injury, loss of a bet, or simple desire to get in shape, you’ve decided to pursue one of the most […]

Warrior Wednesday Run

One quarter left!!!  Hopefully, the Warriors can keep the lead and win the Championship!!!! If so, let’s wear a yellow and/or blue in honor of the Warriors. If not, then let’s run off our frustration (at least mine)! Who’s in for a Victory (hopefully) run! -Tim Team OYM meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 am […]

Running is COOL!

Happy Sunday OYM Runners! I’ve spent the last few days here in Davis with highs of 105!! So it makes me cherish our 6am runs with cool sunny weather. Tomorrow promises a mere 55 degrees so who will join me for a cooling run? – Allison Team OYM meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 am for […]

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