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At On Your Mark Performance, Adam and Micheline Kemist, make it their business to enhance your workouts with the best technical footwear and apparel available.

Come in and experience the Kemistry!

Owned by a certified Pedorthist who trains all shoe specialists, the customer’s detailed concerns about fit and function are never ignored. All staff are active in sports, and can personally assure you of the product’s honest quality and performance.

Difference Healthy Bare Feet

 We’re more than just a Shoe Store…

  • Our gait analysis includes observing the customer’s running style and assessing their degree of pronation and it’s relation to the body’s function as a whole
  • Adam Kemist, owner, is a certified Pedorthist, trained in the art of Kinesio Taping and qualified to create custom insoles
  • Local professionals refer clients to Adam because of his specific training in lower extremities and biomechanics and his reliable track record in recovery techniques.
  • Adam and Micheline have a 20 year history as previous owners of The Runners High in Menlo Park and Los Altos.
  • All staff are personally trained to proficiency by Adam and Micheline
  • Staff are runners and triathletes who can recommend local courses and give advice on their athletic experiences
  • OYM’s Convenience Shipping Program allows us to ship shoes free of charge to the customer!
  • Here at OYM we want you to GO OUTSIDE and test your shoes. Our 30 day return policy guarantees you the freedom to really test our products. Return or exchange them even if they’re worn!


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